Vox Clamantis in Deserto.

Police Scanner Workbook

Communications monitoring is a hobby of mine, and to help out any of you who want to get into it, I put together this frequency workbook.


This workbook contains a list of all VHF and UHF Land Mobile Radio (LMR) frequencies for both the Public Safety and Business/Industrial pools from FCC regulations. Specific details for particular frequencies can be found in 47 CFR 90. This workbook can be printed out or used in electronic format.

In the 450-470 Mhz. UHF LMR band, base/repeater and mobile/control station frequencies are usually separated 5 MHz. apart, with the base/repeater being the lower frequency of the pair. “Talkaround” operation will always be on the base/repeater side of the pair. For the sake of brevity, the higher frequencies are not listed. Splits are as follows:

Base/Repeater Mobile/Control Station
450-454 MHz. 455-459 MHz.
460-464 MHz. 465-469 MHz.

Exceptions to this pairing will be noted in the appropriate sections of 47 CFR 90, of which you should have a copy in your reference files.

I just copied the frequency data straight out of the applicable section of 47 CFR 90, and made it into a table. Figured it was the easiest thing for the average person to work with. Bootleggers and clandestines will probably not follow the FCC frequency spacing, especially in 25-30 MHz. International skip will probably not either. If there are any mistakes, please let me know. This file is in Rich Text Format as all the word processors I’ve used worked with it. This is all public domain, so I encourage you to play with it, add extra features, maybe save it in a new format, or whatever.




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